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All Xbox One Game Releases for June 2017


All Xbox One Game Releases for June 2017

The summer drought begins.


(WEEK ONE: 6/1 – 6/3)

June is almost upon us bringing with it E3, warmer weather, and a bit of a drought when it comes to game releases on the Xbox One. However, in the first few days of the month, Xbox One owners will be able to get their hands on Tekken 7.

The ninth entry in the Tekken series (including spinoffs) will be the first to make use of Unreal Engine 4 as players fight their way through the final chapter of the 20-year-long Mishima feud. Expect the fighting to feel as slick as ever, excellent visuals, and a cameo appearance from Street Fighter’s Akuma, too.

Tekken 7 is the only game that releases in the first couple of days on Xbox One, releasing June 2.

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