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4 Things We Want to See in Overwatch Year 2


4 Things We Want to See in Overwatch Year 2

Here’s to another strong year ahead.

Overwatch Year 2

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We’re quickly approaching Overwatch’s first anniversary, and what a year it’s been. Within the game’s first year, we’ve enjoyed tons of new seasonal events and brawls, got subjected to the cruelty of that awfully drawn out Sombra ARG, and saw the introduction of two new maps, and three impressive heroes. Not to mention the various buffs and nerfs that numerous characters have received along the way, as well as big changes to the game’s competitive skill rating system after its first season.

It’s been a strong first year for Blizzard’s latest and hottest team-based shooter, but there’s always more room for improvement and other elements that can help to enhance the Overwatch experience even further. Without further ado, let’s run down some of the major additions and elements we’d love to see in the game during its second year.

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