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Top 10 Best World War II Games, Ranked


Top 10 Best World War II Games, Ranked

Battle for the Best.

10. The Saboteur

The Saboteur

When it comes to games set during World War II certain franchises quickly come to mind, however, The Saboteur seems to be a lost treasure of the genre. Set in Paris, France, players assume the role of Sean Devlin who is an Irish mechanic that seeks revenge against a German Officer. What made this title so unique was the striking visual design that set Paris in shades of black and white until such areas were liberated and thus regained their color. This unique look allowed The Saboteur to stand out among other military based titles of the time like Medal of Honor or Call of Duty.

Players also got to drive, shoot, beat up, and sneak their way through the streets of this famed city, as The Saboteur was an open world title. By doing this, developer Pandemic Studios allowed users to have more freedom in how they approached different targets and dealt with missions. Even though some of the side activities got repetitive, the moment to moment gameplay was more than enough reason to take back Paris.

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