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Prey: How to Get the Shotgun


Prey: How to Get the Shotgun


Mimics and Phantoms can be formidable foes in Prey, so you’ll want to find a weapon that takes them out without much of a fuss. The shotgun is the best weapon for this and can be found quite easily at the start of the game, in a different location to where it was in the demo hour.

Once you reach the lobby of Talos I, head to the rear of the room and head up the stairs on the left hand side, going up one level. Here, at the top of the stairs you’ll see an I.T room and you’ll need to hack the door open. If this is the first time you have hacked a door, you’ll need the Hacking I neuromod skill. Once inside, you’ll find two Phantoms – they are quite tough but try to take them out. After you have done so, in the smaller room to the right you’ll find the keycard to the security room on the desk.

Pick it up and head back to the main lobby. Towards the back right of the lobby, near the stairs, there are some other stairs that head downwards – the Security Room is down there. Use the keycard you just found to get in and you’ll find ammo and the shotgun on the table inside. Now would also be great time to use any weapon upgrade packs you have found because increasing the weapon’s force really helps in the early parts of the game.

That is how you get the shotgun in Prey. For more on the game, check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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