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Prey: How to Get More Neuromods


Prey: How to Get More Neuromods

How to Get More Neuromods in Prey

Neuromods is the name of the modifications given to Morgan as well as the sort of currency needed to unlock those upgrades. Since they are directly tied to your skills and perks, they aren’t the most common thing. You’ll want to collect a bunch of them if you want to become truly powerful, so here’s where you can find Neuromods while playing Prey.

Neuromod Stands – These aren’t incredibly common, though you’ll find one early on in the game. They’re advertised throughout the station, with some of the stands having fake ones, but a few having the real deal (your very first one comes from a stand).

Around the Environment, Usually Near Other Humans – There are a lot of corpses littering Talos-I, and many of them have Neuromods on or near their person. You can also find them on shelves, in drawers, and other places where people may put things down.

In Safes – Locked compartments tend to hold valuable goods, and not many things are as valuable as these useful items.

Make Them Yourself – Once you gain access to a Fabricator you can craft Neuromods out of exotic materials. They are rare, but still quite useful if you’re tired of looking around.

Some Will be Given to You – You’ll come across NPCs during your time in Prey, some of which will give you useful things.

That’s all you need to know to get more Neuromods in Prey. For more on Prey, be sure to check out our wiki.

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