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Portal Knights: How to Beat the Worm Boss


Portal Knights: How to Beat the Worm Boss


The first boss in Portal Knights is the Worm Boss and you should be at around level 10 when you enter his island and attempt to defeat him.

However, it may be possible for you to do so at a lower level since he is surprisingly easy to defeat once you learn about his weakness.

You will head up some stairs to a platform where there will be a worm tail sticking out of the ground and a large green pool in the middle. Once you attack and defeat the small worm tail, the boss with attack from inside the central pool. As he attacks smaller worms and another worm tail will appear from the land, and you’ll have to dodge their attacks as well as the attacks of the Worm Boss.

Portal Knights doesn’t tell you how to defeat the boss but what you should do is attack the small worm tail, which will make the boss collapse for a few seconds so that you can attack him. Once he returns to attacking you, ignore all the enemies other than the worm tail and attack the boss until he is defeated. Ignoring all the other enemies will also unlock a trophy/achievement. There is no need to attack any of the other enemies since their attacks can be dodged easily and killing them does not affect the boss himself. You do not need to worry about losing health either since the worm tails drop a significant amount of health when they are defeated.

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