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Platinum Games Is Working on an “Interesting” Nintendo Switch Game

Platinum Games, Bayonetta 2, Wii U

Platinum Games Is Working on an “Interesting” Nintendo Switch Game

Well, good to know it won’t be boring, then.

When Nintendo formally announced the Switch in October 2016, it showed off a list of development partners who were supposedly getting behind the console. Even after seven months, however, many of those third parties have yet to announce an actual game for the Nintendo Switch.

One of those developers is Platinum Games. At least, it was until Platinum Head Producer Atsushi Inaba spoke with Famitsu (via Japanese Nintendo) during Kyoto, Japan’s Bit Summit 2017 and confirmed that the studio is working on a game and that he thinks it will be “interesting.” Unfortunately, that’s about as far as Inaba was willing to go in describing the nature of the game.

When asked how the compatibility between the Switch and Platinum Games is, Inaba said “I think it’s good. We’ve also already declared we’re going to participate. During the announcement event of Nintendo Switch, there’s the Platinum Games logo showing up secretly.”

So does that mean Platinum is making a Switch game? Apparently, it does. “We’re creating [a Switch game], you know. I think it’s going to be interesting.”

Although we’re just now getting the news that Platinum is officially working on a new Switch game, Inaba also announced during Bit that it was working on a brand new “formless, shapeless IP.” It’s not clear whether or not these games are one and the same, as the studio is almost certainly working on more than one new game, especially since Scalebound, its collaboration with Microsoft, was canceled in January.

Platinum has previously had a pretty strong relationship with Nintendo, releasing Bayonetta 2 exclusively on the Wii U and even working on Nintendo’s own Star Fox franchise. The studio’s new Switch game is probably just as likely to be Bayonetta 3 or another Nintendo collaboration as it is something entirely new. For now, fans will have to wait and see.


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