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Nintendo No Longer Offering Repairs for Original 3DS Systems

Original Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo No Longer Offering Repairs for Original 3DS Systems

Maybe it’s time to upgrade.

As Nintendo begins to turn its handheld focus to its newly released Switch’s portable abilities and its newly announced New 2DS XL — that’s a lot of “new” — the company appears to be turning the page on an older handheld. Nintendo has revealed on its support website that it will “no longer offer factory repairs” for its six-year-old handheld.

This change only applies to the original 2011 version of the 3DS, which has gone on to spawn a number of permutations, like the New 2DS XL, that Nintendo will continue to repair. This means that anyone who owns a New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 3DS XL, or Nintendo 2DS can still get Nintendo to repair their handheld.

Nintendo dual-screen handheld owners who aren’t sure what version they have can check by flipping their unit over to the back. All original 3DS models have a serial number printed there that begins with the letters CW.

For owners of malfunctioning original 3DS hardware who don’t want to upgrade to a newer handheld, Nintendo also offers a list of sources they can check for older Nintendo hardware like the launch 3DS.


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