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Injustice 2: How to Use Your Super


Injustice 2: How to Use Your Super

How To Use Your Super in Injustice 2

After more than four years the Injustice 2 is back with a new collection of epic supers. These supers are an essential part of every character’s toolkit and no great offense is complete without it. They don’t only look awesome but they deal a ton of damage and highlight each character’s unique abilities and weapons. Using them is important but you’ll also want to make sure you study each character’s super enough to know how to use them well and avoid getting hit by one too.

In order to use your super in Injustice 2, you will first need to build the super meter. This meter builds up every time you damage your opponent, receive damage or use one of your special moves. Your super meter is located in the bottom left corner of your screen while your opponent’s will be on display in the bottom right corner of the screen. Where your meter is located can change, however, during online play. Your meter will always be in the corner that corresponds to whichever side you begin the match on.

Once this meter has become completely full you will be able to activate your super move by pressing both triggers down at the same time. Keep in mind, however, that every super is different depending on the character being used and it’s up to you to make contact with your opponent in order for the entire cinematic to be triggered. A character like Aquaman may charge forward in order to attempt to catch his opponent while Green Arrow swings his bow and will need his opponent to be in close range for the rest of his super to activate.

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