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Injustice 2: How to Get Grid (Alternate Cyborg)


Injustice 2: How to Get Grid (Alternate Cyborg)

How to Get Grid in Injustice 2

While playing Injustice 2’s story, Cyborg finds himself against Brainiac while trying to restore Brother Eye (a supercomputer that monitors the world) for Batman. During the encounter, Brainiac pulls out the logical, more pure version of Cyborg to fight against, Grid. He’s a fully cybernetic version complete with a Terminator face. Honestly, he looks pretty cool if you’re into the whole murderous robot aesthetic. You can actually unlock this form to play as, though it’s not as simple as is the case with other skins/characters.

While Grid is available in Injustice 2, you can’t buy him with Source Crystals nor obtain him by just completing the story. You can unlock Grid as a reward for linking your console game with Injustice 2 Mobile. Once you unlock the skin, simply head to the customize character menu, choose cyborg, scroll down the to the shader tab in one of the loadouts and equip it.

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Remember, this is just an aesthetic change. You’ll have access to all the abilities and powers of Cyborg, nothing else will change.

That’s all you need to know to unlock Cyborg in the game. For more on Injustice 2, be sure to check out our wiki.

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