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Injustice 2: How to Get Platinum Mother Boxes


Injustice 2: How to Get Platinum Mother Boxes

How to Get Platinum Mother Boxes in Injustice 2

Platinum Mother Boxes are the second best loot boxes you can get while playing Injustice 2. They always contain at least one Epic and never have anything less than rare, plus you get more rewards than the standard Bronze, Silver, and Gold Mother Boxes. Unfortunately, another difference between Platinum Mother Boxes and its lesser counterparts is that you can’t buy them using your hard-earned credits. Instead, you must get through the tough challenges that lie ahead for you in Injustice 2.

You’ll get a Platinum Box for completing the story, which will give you your first taste of these. Outside of the story, you’ll need to dive into the Multiverse. Here you’ll find a mix of rotating challenges and objectives. The tougher challenges and optional objectives tend to offer up Platinum Mother Boxes alongside Epic pieces of gear for specific characters. Of course, you’ll often be forced to use specific characters or get high scores. You can check optional objectives (and their rewards) by pressing Triangle/Y once you enter one of the Multiverse Earths. Remember, they rotate and the time remaining is indicated on the planet. Don’t start doing objectives for a planet that’s about to swap out.

You can also get one guaranteed if you trust your skills in Endless mode. It’s an endless stream of enemies that become increasingly more difficult. If you can make it to 50 Fights, you’ll be rewarded with a Platinum Mother Box for your efforts.

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