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50 Games Necessary for a GameCube Virtual Console


50 Games Necessary for a GameCube Virtual Console

A blast from the past.

The GameCube was one heck of a little system, with tons of acclaimed titles from Nintendo and third parties alike. Rumors have been brewing recently that the Nintendo Switch could feature a GameCube Virtual Console, allowing players to download classic titles from the system. Here are 50 titles we’d like to see, but please note that both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess have been excluded because of their immediately-available remasters on Wii U.

Tales of Symphonia

tales, tales of symphonia, series, ranking

The Tales series had been around for a while before Symphonia, but with this title, Tales became more popular than ever before. The over 60-hours long RPG was met with huge amounts of critical praise upon release, featuring a memorable cast of characters and exciting real-time combat system.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

fire emblem path of radiance

Fire Emblem made the jump to 3D on the GameCube with Path of Radiance, which centered around a group of mercenaries led by Ike that end up defending the crown of the country Crimea. The tactical series deepened even more with expanded pre-mission options, more support conversations, and brand new unit classes like the transforming Laguz. It remains one of the most unforgettable games in the series to date.

Star Fox Assault

Star Fox

Star Fox Assault brought back the same ship-blasting gameplay that fans loved in Star Fox 64, while also adding on brand new on-foot segments. Assault takes place after Star Fox Adventures and sees Crystal join the team, while Peppy resigns to support aboard the Great Fox. The game had a great orchestrated score that really helped highlight the intensity of space battle.

Star Fox Adventures

Star Fox, Ranking, Adventure, Dinosaurs

Star Fox Adventures was a huge deviation for the series, as it’s more of an action-adventure title than the on-rails ship combat we’re used to. Fox investigates a distress signal from Dinosaur Planet and ends up befriending both Crystal the fox and Tricky the triceratops. Together the three have to take back the planet from the forces of General Scales.

Metroid Prime 1 and 2


Metroid Prime was one of the biggest reinventions of a series ever made, and it worked brilliantly. It took the 2D series into the realm of first-person shooters, while still retaining all the puzzle solving and platforming elements Metroid is known for. Both titles on the GameCube are some of the very best on the system, with incredible atmosphere, gameplay, and style.

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