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Fire Emblem Echoes: How to Use amiibo


Fire Emblem Echoes: How to Use amiibo

How to Use amiibo in Fire Emblem Echoes

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is the latest entry in Nintendo’s popular strategy series, and like many other titles from the company, it comes packed with plenty of amiibo support. All of the Fire Emblem amiibo can be used in Echoes, and even all other figures can be used to summon a monster companion in battle. The new Alm and Celica figures, however, can be used to unlock dungeons filled with powerful enemies and bosses.

The NFC-enabled figures are activated differently depending on whether you’re in or out of battle. To unlock the dungeons for Alm and Celica, you’ll need to access Mila’s Turnwheel from the main menu either on the world map or in a town. After selecting the Turnwheel, tap the amiibo option and it’ll bring up a prompt asking you to tap your figure on the bottom screen.

To use a figure in battle, you’ll need to select your main character, either Alm or Celica, and select the Arts option. Here, you’ll see an amiibo option which will let you tap a character on the bottom screen to summon a phantom or monster. Keep in mind that summoning phantoms saps your character of health, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

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