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Fire Emblem Echoes: How to Recruit Sonya and Deen


Fire Emblem Echoes: How to Recruit Sonya and Deen

How to Recruit Sonya in Fire Emblem Echoes

Sonya is a powerful enemy mage you’ll encounter in Act 3 of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, while Deen is an agile myrmidon. Both of these characters can be recruited into your army. However, there is a catch. You’ll need to choose between one or the other, and will be forced to fight whichever you don’t want.

In Act 3 while going down Celica’s route, you’ll come to a map called Desert Stronghold. After vanquishing the foes there and heading inside, you’ll be given some story scenes featuring the pirate Grieth, as well as Sony and Deen. The two characters will be sent to the alternate maps leading to Greith’s Citadel. Both Sonya and Deen lead an army, and you’ll need to pick which one you want to face in battle. It’s best to decide whether you want a powerful mage in your party, or an agile myrmidon. Once you’ve made your decision, go and fight whichever character you don’t want to recruit at either the Northern or Southern Desert. After the battle, proceed to Grieth’s Citadel and beat the pirate in battle.

Once you’ve done all that you can finally head inside Greith’s Citadel Interior, where you’ll find the character you didn’t find in battle. Talk to them and you’ll be given the option to recruit them. Choose carefully, and grab the other character on your next playthrough.

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