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Fire Emblem Echoes: How to Beat Nuibaba in Act 4


Fire Emblem Echoes: How to Beat Nuibaba in Act 4

How to Beat Nuibaba in Fire Emblem Echoes

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is a challenging game, even when compared to other Fire Emblem titles. Especially as you get further in the game, Echoes isn’t afraid to throw overwhelming amounts of enemies at you, as well as twists on gameplay or the abilities of enemies. One such battle in Act 4 has you facing off against the fearsome witch Nuibaba outside of her base.

It’s certainly one of the tougher battles in Act 4 of Fire Emblem Echoes, as Nuibaba and her forces are entrenched in a temple up on a hill, while your units are all grouped down below. The biggest thing to watch out for on this map is Nuibaba’s extreme range. First thing when you start the battle, click on her to display her attack range, which you’ll see can reach up to 8 spaces. She’s able to hit you with a devastating magic attack right from her starting position, so make sure you keep your units out of the way. The good news, however, is that she won’t move out of her starting spot. The bad news is that you’ll also have to contend with two other magic users, summoning terrors and witches respectively.

The easiest way to beat this map is by advancing slowly. Keep your strongest units up front to defend from the Terrors and enemy units that come to attack you, but always keep magic users and healers close by to deal with what they need to at range. Python and other archers are going to be essential for beating the battle, as well. Once you get up close to the temple, move your archers in range of the summoners to take them out, all while being aware of Nuibaba’s range of course.

While your archers are dealing with the magic users inside, split your army into two groups and move them around the sides of the temple. Make sure to have a Knight or other strong defensive unit in the lead on each side, as well as one healer at least per group. Take out the enemies one by one, watching out for the Dread Fighters especially, s they have high crit rates. Keep everyone healed up and move all your units as close to the entrance of the temple as possible without entering Nuibaba’s range.

What you’ll want to do is stack up any archers, Paladins, and mages you have outside her range. Have as many fast-moving units rush in as you can to try and take out Nuibaba in one turn. If you don’t take her out in one turn you leave a unit open to attack and she’ll restore a bit of health. The witch is weak to physical attacks, so as long as you have a Paladin or Archer that can withstand one blow from Nuibaba, you should be fine. Just take your time and take this battle in Act 4 one step at a time.

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