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Fire Emblem Echoes: How to Beat Berkut in Act 5


Fire Emblem Echoes: How to Beat Berkut in Act 5

How to Beat Berkut in Act 5 in Fire Emblem Echoes

The final act of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is filled with quite a few challenging battles that’ll really test your strategic abilities. One of those battles is with the fearsome Gold Knight Berkut, that you’ve already faced down two other times during Fire Emblem Echoes. This battle’s different, however, as Berkut has opened himself to Duma, receiving unnatural and overwhelming power by sacrificing someone close to him.

You’ll need to play this encounter very carefully, as Berkut is not only joined by Rinea who’s a powerful magic user in this battle, but a variety of enemies that can summon even more units. The battle plays out on a small map, which you’ll need to use to your advantage. As soon as the battle starts the very first thing you need to do is select Berkut and Rinea and display their combat ranges. It’s critically important that you know that Rinea has the ability to teleport one of your units from long range and bring them right in front of Berkut, who has ridiculously high attack and defense stats. Keep an eye on her range at all times and be aware of where your units are. Also, be aware that the giant flame behind Berkut will restore health to all enemy units each turn, only making matters worse.

The best strategy for this fight is to draw out the enemy units on each side of Berkut and eliminate them first. Move all your units to the left side of their starting position, where the enemy magic users are based. Keep in mind that during this whole time there’ll be a couple of enemies summoning reinforcements, so keep a strong defense around your weaker units. Use a couple of your high resistance units to draw the enemy out, all while keeping out of Rinea’s range, and eliminate them with long-range archers, Paladins, or magic users.

Once you’ve taken out everyone on the left side, move all of your units to the right now. On this side, the enemy has strong physical attackers like Knights, so you’ll want to move your high defense units to the front. Once again, be aware of Rinea’s range here and draw the enemies forward. Use your high defense units to soak up damage and then eliminate the enemies with magic.

Now that you’ve cleared out enough enemies to advance, move everyone as close as you can to Berkut and Rinea. You’ll want to use any archers, Paladins, or Gold Knights you have to rush in and try to eliminate Rinea as quickly as possible, so she can’t teleport weaker units or hit you with her high magic stats. Make sure to heal anyone that might be damaged and then use your high defense units to make a wall so that he can’t run around to hit weak units.

The good news is that Berkut can only attack one space away, so as long as you make some careful placement choice you’ll be able to just block him in. Focus on attacking Berkut with long-range units, just using your defensive ones to soak up damage and not attack on their turns. Eventually, you’ll be able to bring the fearsome foe down and keep advancing through the final dungeon of Fire Emblem Echoes.

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