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6 ‘Tales of’ Games We Still Need in the West


6 ‘Tales of’ Games We Still Need in the West

Still waiting.

Tales of Destiny Remake

Tales of Destiny was one of the first games in the series to ever make its way west back on the original PlayStation. Even today copies are hard to come by, and the title hasn’t officially been re-released anywhere. Tales of Destiny was also completely remade on the PS2, a version we’ve sadly never seen in English.

Besides getting a complete visual upgrade, the PS2 version of Tales of Destiny makes a number of gameplay refinements. Players can now use any of the party members during battle, instead of being locked only to Stahn. Battles now also have more of an emphasis on aerial combat. There are also brand new scenes added to the story, and a completely remixed soundtrack. Even with all the new additions, the remake keeps the spirit of the original Tales of Destiny alive.

A Director’s Cut of the remake was also released later on, adding on a substantial new story that allows players to see things from Leon’s point of view. With the Tales series becoming more and more popular in the West, it’s really a shame that we never got the remake of Tales of Destiny. The original is still considered a PS1 classic, and was one of the first titles to put the series on the map in North America. It hasn’t aged exceptionally well, however, so it’d be great to get an updated, more streamlined version for new fans of Tales.

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