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5 Improvements That Should be Added To PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


5 Improvements That Should be Added To PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Some essential changes.

First Person Servers

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is quickly becoming one of the most hardcore competitive online shooters on the market right now, and like all good competitive games, there is potential for a significant esports scene. While Battlegrounds definitely suffers from a lot of issues that plague most early access games at the moment, they’ve already hosted a charity tournament, and some streamers have been hosting tournaments of their own.

The only thing holding Battlegrounds back from a legitimate esports scene, other than its full release, is the lack of a first-person-only server/mode. This is probably the most requested feature by the community, mostly because the third-person perspective in Battlegrounds offers arguably unfair advantages to campers. Although the game allows you to switch in and out of first-person at the moment, you play at a huge disadvantage if you choose to use first-person only against players who are using third-person. Since it’s not viable, virtually everyone is forced to play in third person and adapt.

Battlegrounds needs a first-person-only server so people don’t have to go looking for custom games. It would offer a totally fresh gameplay experience compared to third-person, and would most likely open the game up to a larger esports potential.

This post was originally written by Jesse Cecchetto.

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