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The 10 Best Characters in the Metal Gear Universe, Ranked


The 10 Best Characters in the Metal Gear Universe, Ranked

Who comes out on top?

10) Gray Fox

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Donning a cyberpunk ninja suit, wielding a razor sharp katana, and croaking in a voice eerier than Bane’s, Gray Fox is Metal Gear Solid’s anti-hero. He’s also an absolute bad ass. Fox (AKA Frank Jaegar) was once fighting the good fight alongside Snake, but at Shadow Moses, he’s turned to the dark side. Having brutally decapitated a squad of genome soldiers and scaring the bejeebers out of Hal Emmerich, an iconic boss fight ensues. Who could ever forget exposing Fox’s chronic allergy to chaff and then roundhouse kicking him as the ninja groaned in approval?

However, it wasn’t just his ultra slick aesthetic and unsettling manner of speaking that made him such a compelling character. Gray Fox is one emotionally charged guy, and both of his scenes in MGS are an intense roller coaster ride as the ninja toils with the ghosts of his past. It all culminates in one heroic last hoorah, sacrificing his life to help Snake by trying to melee against an enormous bipedal nuclear armed robot.

Gray Fox saw the inception of the cyborg ninja as a recurring theme throughout the entirety of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, helping to earn him a place among this elite top 10.

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