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10 Games to Keep You Busy During the Summer Drought


10 Games to Keep You Busy During the Summer Drought

Still plenty to play.

Injustice 2

After an initial flurry of releases in the opening months of 2017, we’re now making our way through the quieter summer months for the industry. While you’ll still get a handful of major releases, things don’t properly pick back up again until the middle of August. While the weather outside may entice you to spend some time away from your consoles and PC, there’s still plenty you can be playing until major releases pick back up again. Here’s a bunch of both upcoming and released games that’ll help you to pass the hours during the summer months.

NetherRealm’s DC Comics fighter may have already released, but its plethora of game modes, extensive roster of DC heroes and villains, and replayable nature make it a perfect title to sink countless hours into over the summer.

Thanks to the Multiverse in the game, you’ll always have a number of challenges to test your mettle against with some lucrative rewards to boot. Grind your way to the best gear, take on both friends and strangers in local and online versus modes, and whittle these quiet months away with plenty of hard-hitting, combo-breaking action.

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