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Persona 5 Trophy Guide: How to Get a Treasure Demon (A Phantom Thief’s Duty)


Persona 5 Trophy Guide: How to Get a Treasure Demon (A Phantom Thief’s Duty)

How to Get a Treasure Demon and ‘A Phantom Theif’s Duty’ Trophy in Persona 5

During your time in Persona 5’s second Palace you’ll be introduced to Treasure Demons. Powerful Personas that can take a lot of damage but give a ton of rewards if you’re able to kill them. There’s also a trophy for obtaining the Persona yourself. You’ll need to have their weakness on hand or get lucky to enough to land a critical hit to knock them down and force a Hold Up. You can then ask them to lend you their power and they’ll automatically accept.

They can sometimes leave after a single attack, so we’re gonna list the different Treasure Demons along with their weaknesses as well as their level. We’ll also note their immunities so you know know to try those attacks if attempting a critical hit.

Do note that you can’t obtain a Persona whose level is higher than yours. Also, using the Treasure Trap Infiltration tool will increase the spawn rate of these random enemies.

Regent (10) – Weak to Psychic and Nuclear. Immune to Bless and Curse.

Queen’s Necklace (15) – Weak to Gun. Immune to Bless and Curse.

Stone of Scone (20) – Weak to Curse. Immune to all other attacks.

Koh-i-Noor (25) – No weaknesses. Immune to Bless and Curse

Orlov (30) – No Weaknesses. Immune to Gun, Fire, Ice, Wind, Psychic, Nuclear, Bless, and Curse.

Emperor’s Amulet (35) – No Weaknesses. Immune to Gun, Bless, and Curse.

Hope Diamond (40) – No Weaknesses. Immune to Gun, Bless, and Curse. Repels Electric, Psychic and Nuclear so be careful.

Crystal Skull (50) – No Weaknesses. Immune to Guns and Repels everything other than Physical attacks.

Now you’ll be able to land the right attack as your first blow in battle. For those Treasure Demons with no weaknesses, use items and abilities that increase your critical hit chance, or, if you have the Tower Confidant, use Down Shot to knock them down.

For more on Persona 5, be sure to check out our wiki.


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