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Persona 5: How to Solve the Madarame Feet Puzzle


Persona 5: How to Solve the Madarame Feet Puzzle

The answer is not two.

How to Solve the Madarame Feet Puzzle in Persona 5

In the second Palace of Persona 5, you’ll be tasked with solving a number of riddles if you want to get through the dungeon quickly. One of the puzzles requires you to find out the password to a control terminal. If you eavesdrop on the conversation the guards are having outside, you’ll find out that the password has something to do with Madarame’s feet. And no, the answer is not two.

To find the solution to this puzzle, simply head back the way you came, and go back to the start of this second area. Once you’re back in the Treasure Lounge (where you and Ryuji had to fight a sub-boss on your own), look for the giant golden statue of Madarame himself. Examine it, and the party will start speculating about what “Madarame feet” could mean. Once you get a chance to respond, choose the option that says “1120.” This is the password you need to unlock the control terminal. Head back to the control room and key in the password to unlock more areas for exploration in the museum.

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