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Persona 5: How to Pick the Right Sayuri Painting (Second Palace)


Persona 5: How to Pick the Right Sayuri Painting (Second Palace)

How to Pick the Right Sayuri Painting in Persona 5

While much of your time in Persona 5 will be spent living every day life and attending school, there’s quite a bit of dungeon exploration to be done as well. The dungeons, known as Palaces, often contain intricate puzzles that you’ll need to solve in order to keep advancing. You obviously don’t want to get stuck on a Palace, as you’re on a time limit to get it completed.

The second Palace in Persona 5 for Madarame will present you with a bit of a head-scratcher, where you’ll have to pick the real Sayuri painting out of a group. You’ll need to pick the right one several times, with each new group making things more difficult. If you choose the wrong painting, you’ll need to battle and enemy and try again. The real painting will always have a few key traits that you want to look out for, here’s what they are.

  • The branch behind Sayuri will always have some cherry blossoms on it.
  • She’s wearing a red sweater.
  • She’s looking down and smiling.
  • Her hair comes down over her left shoulder and hangs in front of her, on the right side of the painting when facing it.

These are all things you’ll want to look out for when trying to find the real painting. At first it’ll be easy to spot, like if her sweater isn’t red that isn’t the real painting. However, things will get pretty tricky before long. Just study each painting carefully and try to make the correct choice, saving yourself from needless battles.

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