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Persona 5: How to Get and Max Out the Sun Confidant (Toranosuke Yoshida)


Persona 5: How to Get and Max Out the Sun Confidant (Toranosuke Yoshida)

Rising politician.

Getting the Sun Confidant (Toranosuke Yoshida) in Persona 5

Toranosuke Yoshida is that politician you keep seeing near the Shibuya Station Square. He’s always going on and on about the government, but nobody pays him any mind due to his past. While he may have some issues, you can gain him as the Sun Confidant in Persona 5 and he can teach you a lot about negotiation, though, and even help you with your Charm. If you’re not big on negotiation then his skills aren’t very useful, but you never know when you may need them. Also, his final skill lets you recruit Personas of a higher level than you which can definitely make a difference later in the game.

Below is every unlock requirement, ability, and even the best answers for certain interactions.

Rank 1: 5/6

It takes a bit of effort to get The Sun on your side. You have to head to Shibuya and listen to his speech. When he speaks to you, choose “I’m interested.” then get a part-time job at the Beef Bowl restaurant and go to work. Go to see another speech and again choose “I’m interested.” Go to work right after that and the next time you see Yoshida, he’ll remember you. Say “I want to help out,” and you’ll form the bond.

Rank 2: Unlocks Diplomacy

Answer 1 – “I want to improve my speech.”

Answer 2 – “One with conviction” or “I don’t know yet.”

Answer 3 – “That was helpful.”

Rank 3: Unlocks Fundraising

Answer 2 – “His message” or “His speaking skills.”

Rank 4:

Answer 4 – “I couldn’t help myself.”

Rank 5: Unlocks Manipulation

Answer 1 – “The media doesn’t matter.”

Rank 6:

Answer 1 – “I don’t really care.”

Answer 2 – “I’d decline.”

Rank 7:

Answer 1 – “You should decline.”

Rank 8: Unlocks Mind Control

Answer 1 – “That’s a difficult decision.”

Answer 2 – “Stick to your beliefs.”

Rank 9:

Answer 1 – “Do your best.”

Answer 2 – “You had a change of heart. “

Rank 10: Unlocks Charismatic Speech and the Ultimate Sun Persona, Asura.

Be sure to check back with Twinfinite and our ever-expanding wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on Persona 5.

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