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Persona 5: How to Get and Max Out the Moon Confidant (Yuuki Mishima)


Persona 5: How to Get and Max Out the Moon Confidant (Yuuki Mishima)

Number one Phan.

Getting the Moon Confidant (Yuuki Mishima) in Persona 5

Yuuki Mishima is one of Kamoshida’s victims. It was he who spread the rumors about you at the beginning of the game, but he was forced to do so. He’s actually a really nice kid, and a huge phanboy of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Early on in Persona 5’s story you recruit him as the Moon Confidant. He doesn’t fight alongside you but his skills focus on helping you gain experience, so you definitely want to rank him up.

Below we’ve listed each rank unlock for him including requirements and any special answers for some of the interactions.

Rank 1: 5/6, Unlocks Mishima’s Support

This rank is automatic. Mishima will approach you in school after figuring out that you’re one of the Phantom Thieves. He’ll then start providing you with requests to help people.

Rank 2: 5/8

Say whatever you wish.

Rank 3: 5/26, Unlocks Mishima’s Enthusiasm

Answer 1 – “Great idea.”

Answer 2 – “We’re part of… the Phandom?” or “Let’s tell the truth.”

Answer 3 – “It’s not your fault.”

Rank 4:

Answer 1 – “Steak sounds good.”

Answer 2 – “You’re amazing. “

Rank 5: Unlocks Mishima’s Desperation

Answer 1 – “Is it for me?”

Answer 2 – “That’s a good idea.”

Rank 6: Unlocks Inokashira Park

Answer 1 – “Just tell me already” or “You sure are fired up.”

Answer 2 – “Rumors are wrong all the time…” or “It’s none of our business.”

Answer 4 – “Absolutely. Nice Job.”

Rank 7: Unlocks Phanboy

Answer 1 – “You’re so reliable.”

Answer 2 – “Sounds pretty twisted” or “You really need to chill.”

After a few more back and forth exchanges, talk to your team, then head into Mementos and talk to Shadow Mishima. The real Mishima will eventually text you to come talk to him.

Answer 3 – “Maybe the Phansite?”

Rank 8:

Answer 1 – “I’m not leaving.”

Answer 3 – “You were super cool” or “Wait, that was all an act?”

Rank 9:

Answer 1 – “You showed some real courage.

Rank 10: Unlocks Salvation and the Persona Sandalphon for fusion.

Be sure to check back with Twinfinite and our ever-expanding wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on Persona 5.

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