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Persona 5: How to Control Teammates and Give Orders


Persona 5: How to Control Teammates and Give Orders

Don’t leave it to the computer.

Controlling Teammates in Persona 5

By default, your party members in Persona 5 will be set to the Act Freely tactic. This means that the characters will be controlled by the AI, and they’ll take actions as they see fit. However, once you regain control of the protagonist, you’ll be able to give them orders and change their behavior. By pressing L2 and selecting the Tactics option, you can choose how you want them to act in battle. For instance, there are options that have them prioritize healing or aggression.

If you’re not a fan of any of those options, you can also choose Direct Commands, which gives you complete control over their skills and what they do. I highly recommend choosing Direct Commands, as you’ll then be able to plan out your own strategies in combat and decide how you want to approach a fight. Choosing this option will also give you a more traditional turn-based RPG experience. If you’re not comfortable with leaving your fate in the hands of the AI, be sure to go with Direct Commands.

How do you like setting up your allies in the game? Let us know in the comments down below.

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