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Persona 5: How to Rush Attack and Move Combat Faster


Persona 5: How to Rush Attack and Move Combat Faster

How to Perform a Rush Attack in Persona 5

Persona 5 loves its time motifs. As such, it doesn’t expect to waste any of your time even in battles. If you’re facing some easy enemies, or just want to speed on through in general, you can start the Rush attacks that will make everything move far faster. They’re very handy to get fights moving fast. However, they’re not useful for most fights. Only the ones you know you’ll win with just melee.

When you want to do a Rush attack, you simply need to hit the Options button and all your characters will bombard when its their turn with some melee attacks. The enemies will also attack at a faster pace, and yes, they don’t stop using their special attacks in lieu of just melee. So save this for enemies that are lower than you, as they would be defeated by mere melee attacks far faster. You won’t be able to use any special Persona attacks or guns, so be careful! Press the Options button again to stop the rush whenever you’d like if you need to.

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