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Persona 5: How to Beat the Torn King of Desire


Persona 5: How to Beat the Torn King of Desire

How to Beat the Torn King of Desire in Persona 5

There are a lot of weird creatures you’ll have to face while making your way through Persona 5, but the Torn King of Desire may just be one of the weirdest. It’s essentially a giant penis that is just sitting there, sad and angry at you for trying to take out its boss. It’s the final sub-boss you’ll face before making your way to the end of the first Palace, the Castle of Lust.

The fight with the Torn King of Desire can come across as a lot more difficult than it really is, especially if you try to use your Persona’s abilities. It’s resistant to all elements and guns don’t do anything special to it either. However, it is susceptible to confuse and can be taken out with basic physical attacks. If you can get off an ability that confuses your target – Ann has one and Joker can obtain one – the Torn King of Desire won’t even be able to land an attack on your party.

Once confused, just rush it with basic physical attacks and watch as the disgusting looking appendage dies. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get a critical hit so you can speed up the process with an All Out attack.

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