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Persona 5: Batting Cage Tips


Persona 5: Batting Cage Tips

Batting Cage Tips for Persona 5

The Batting Cage is one of the many locations you can go to pass time in Persona 5. Located in Yongen-Jaya, you can access this place during the day and it’s a good way to train up your Proficiency. You can also earn some rewards depending on how well you do, and there’s even a trophy tied to hitting a home run called ‘The City’s Hard Hitter.’

The Batting Cage can be a bit tricky, though. Persona 5 isn’t a baseball sim, so don’t expect any in-depth batting techniques. All you have is a bat that you can move up and down with the left thumbstick and the ability to swing that bat by pressing X. There are two tips that will help you send the ball flying.

Bat placement – You’ll want to move the bat so that you cover the bottom half of the ball icon. You only have a couple of seconds to adjust so you’ll need to be quick. This will provide a lot of lift to the ball and give you a better chance to hit a home run.

Timing – A perfectly-timed swing is when the ball overlaps the ball icon where you lined up your bat. This is certainly much easier said than done and will require a bit of practice. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll hit every single ball with ease.

If you really just want to get your home run and go, but don’t want to waste days in the Batting Cage, you can save right outside of the building and just reload whenever you fail. Good luck!

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