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Persona 5: All Confidant Abilities and Ranks


Persona 5: All Confidant Abilities and Ranks

Igor (Fool)

All Persona 5 Confidant Abilities and Ranks

Igor holds the Fool Arcana, though his abilities are anything but foolish. The skills you unlock by building this relationship (which is automatically strengthened as you progress) help to increase the amount of Personas you can carry and the power you get from creating them.

Listed below you’ll find each obtainable ability along with the Rank in which it unlocks. If you see a number skipped, it’s because you get nothing for that Rank other than a stronger bond with the individual.

1 – Wild Talk and Arcana Burst: Wild Talk lets you negotiate with shadows for money and items, while Arcana Burst grants bonus experience from fusing Personas that share Arcana with Confidant’s you have.

2 – Third Eye: Lets you seen hidden objects by holding L1. Think Assassin’s Creed’s Eagle Vision.

3 – Power Stock: Lets you carry 8 Personas.

5 – Super Stock: Carry up to 10 Personas now.

6 – High Arcana Burst: Increases the amount of bonus experience you get from fusions according to your Confidant Ranks.

8 – Ultra Stock: Now you can carry 12 Personas.

10 – Max Arcana Bursting: Even more bonus experience while fusing. You’ll also be able to fuse the Ultimate Fool Persona.

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