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Outlast 2: How to Save Your Game


Outlast 2: How to Save Your Game

How to Save Your Game in Outlast 2

Depending on how well you can handle horror or how frustrated you get at being chased by murderous psychopaths, you’ll find yourself in need of a break from Outlast 2 from time to time. The experience can be very intense at times, so stepping away to regather your breath, and your sanity, is a good idea. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you save your game prior to walking away so you don’t end up having to repeat some of the more harrowing encounters.

Outlast 2 thankfully features an autosave function that will automatically save your progress after important moments, such as entering an entirely new area, or when you finish watching a cutscene. It happens often enough that you won’t feel left at a disadvantage after mistakes. It should be understood that it won’t save in the middle of an area, though. If you find yourself in a place with a couple of obstacles, it won’t save until after you’ve made it past all the aforementioned obstacles.

You can manually save as well, but do note that it won’t leave you exactly where you were standing. It will instead place you at the beginning of that area or room. Usually, it’s only a little bit before where you are, so don’t worry about being sent back hours into the past.

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