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Outlast 2: How to Look Behind You Quickly


Outlast 2: How to Look Behind You Quickly

How to Look Behind You in Outlast 2

You’re going to be chased in Outlast 2 a lot. With that said, you’ll often have the urge to look behind you to see just where that murderer that was chasing you a second ago is (usually to find that they’re literally right on you with a sinister grin on their face). While we would advise against checking behind you to see your imminent death bearing down on you, it is possible to do so quickly and easily without breaking your stride, all while running for you life. To do so, simply hold L1, LB, or Tab.

Holding the button will turn the view 180 degrees, allowing you to see directly behind you. You may notice something useful for your next chase, or pick up habits of certain enemies that are in pursuit (which can help if you happen to die). Also, there are often cool effects that you may want to witness for a glorious screenshot. Use it whenever you like, just make sure to also pay attention to obstacles in front of you or else you’ll find yourself dead.

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