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Outlast 2: How to Crouch


Outlast 2: How to Crouch

How to Crouch in Outlast 2

Crouching is your means of hiding out in the open in Outlast 2. While there are plenty of things to hide inside or under, you will not always have anything around you, especially at the start of the game. You have no real means of defense in this horrific game, so it’s great that the crouch ability offers a few benefits.

To crouch, simply press Circle, B, or CTRL. You can press the button again or start running to come out of this position. When you crouch, you lower your visibility by a large amount, making it difficult for enemies (pretty much everyone’s an enemy, by the way) to detect you. This also lets you hide behind waist-high obstacles scattered throughout the game’s world.

Crouching also slows you down, which in turn lowers the amount of noise you make while moving about in Outlast 2. Think of it like a stealth mode that lets you silently slip past psychopaths and zealots as you seek to solve the mystery and get the hell out of there. It’s quite useful and you’ll definitely find yourself using this skill quite often while playing the game.

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