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New ARMS Trailer Introduces Helix, a Stretchy Green Man


New ARMS Trailer Introduces Helix, a Stretchy Green Man

It’s Flubber.

Nintendo has just released a new trailer for ARMS, the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive that’s set to be released in June. This time around, we’re introduced to Helix, one of the playable characters in the game. You can check out the new gameplay trailer down below.

The trailer shows off some of the basic gameplay for Helix. According to the official video description, Helix was created at ARMS Laboratories, and he can stretch and shrink his body at will. He’s kind of like a mix between Flubber and Mr Fantastic. From the trailer, it looks like Helix can use his stretching ability to his advantage, and potentially dodge attacks from his opponents. Like most of the other characters in the game, Helix will of course also be able to stretch his arms to actually hit them as well. He might look a bit silly, but Helix actually seems like a pretty well-animated character.

ARMS is set to be released for the Nintendo Switch on June 16.

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