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5 Forgotten Franchises That Need Spiritual Successors


5 Forgotten Franchises That Need Spiritual Successors

Please, let it happen.

Skies of Arcadia


Despite going down as one of the finest RPGs of its time, Skies of Arcadia never saw any sort of sequel to its Air Pirate adventure. Players took control of a band of Air Pirates as they searched for treasure high up in the skies above Arcadia. What made the title stand out, though, was how far ahead of its time it was. You could customize your ship, make use of internet-based features to help you along on your journey, and it was all wrapped up in an incredibly written story.

Though the game did get a re-release on the GameCube a few years after its original Dreamcast release, there has been no talk of the series ever making an official return. Give us a spiritual successor that captures the essence of what made Skies of Arcadia so great, though, and we’d be more than happy to sail across the skies in search of treasure once more.

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