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Zelda Breath of the Wild: Ree Dahee Shrine Puzzle Solution Walkthrough


Zelda Breath of the Wild: Ree Dahee Shrine Puzzle Solution Walkthrough

Ree Dahee Shrine Puzzle Solution Walkthrough – Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild is filled with over 100 Shrines, each housing a precious Spirit Orb as well as a unique puzzle. Ree Dahee is but one of these shrines, and to help you grab your reward faster, we’ll walk through how to solve the Ree Dahee Shrine puzzle.

Once you enter, you’ll see a number of slabs with balls on them. You’ll need to interact with these slabs in order to tilt them and allow the balls to roll downward into their respective receptacles. To get the first ball rolling, step on the button right in front of you. This will move the slab and finish up the first ball. You’ll then be moved forward.

Here, you’ll have to move two slabs, so step on the button until the ball falls to the second platform, then get off just in time for the ball to roll into the container.

For the last challenge, you’ll also have to master your timing. You need to tilt the slab until the ball is towards the bottom, then hop off the button in order to send the ball flying.

Once you’ve completed the Ree Dahee puzzle, you’ll reach Monk Ree Dahee, and receive your Spirit Orb reward. You should also try to grab the treasure chest towards the end, up on a ledge. Use your magnetic power to move a metal barrel to the nearby button, which will lower the slab and allow you to run to the chest. Now you’ll have your own Breath of the Wild’s Climber’s Bandanna.

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