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Zelda Breath of the Wild: Naboris Terminal Puzzle Guide


Zelda Breath of the Wild: Naboris Terminal Puzzle Guide

Naboris Puzzles and Terminals – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

When you first enter Naboris, go straight ahead and keep to your right to access the ramp that leads to the map terminal for your Sheikah Slate.

Once you have the map, you’ll be able to rotate the three rings at the center of Divine Beast Vah Naboris’ body. Go to the one at the front (closest to the head) and rotate it until you can stand against one of the platforms in this circle, with the terminal directly above your head. Now rotate it another 90 degrees so that you can be on the platform and jump across to terminal number one.

The next step is to rotate each section of Naboris so that the orange lines line up along the top of its body (at which point they’ll turn green). Follow the trail and you’ll see a bunch of magnetic circuits leading to the tail. Lining up these circuits will cause the tail to lift. So what you want to do is line them all up, except for the very last one. Move it all the way towards the tail so it’s close to the circuit, but not close enough to activate it. Place a bomb here, then walk to the end of the tail. You’ll see some corruption that you can’t shoot just yet. Stand against that wall where the corruption is above you (this will become your platform when the tail lifts). Activate your bomb, which will push the last magnet into place, lifting you up. When you approach the corruption, it will open its eye allowing you to shoot it. Do so and you’ll gain access to a new area. The terminal is directly ahead, but you may want to drop down and clear all the corruption down there (there’s an elevator to bring you back up). Now head to the terminal and activate it.

Now go use those two elevators from before. The first one will have platforms on both sides before it reaches the top. One side will have a chest (contains an Ancient resource), the other will have a green, electrical orb. Grab the orb and bring it down. Between the two elevator rooms is a locked gate with two pedestals beside it. Drop the orb on either one. Now take the other elevator all the way to the top. It has two stops, so when it stops the first time, just wait. Use Magnesis to grab the orb from among the corruption and bring it down to the same area as before. This will be terminal number three.

The next one is easy. From the last one, head towards the head of Naboris. You’ll see a cross handle which you can turn with two round stones on either side of it. Turning the handle counter-clockwise turns the stone on the left, and clockwise turns the stone on the right. You want each stone turned until the torch lines up with the green power line. This will raise the head and activate an elevator for you to ride up to the terminal. Once you grab this, head back to the central area.

One more to go. This is the final terminal needed before you can activate the main one and face off against another The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild boss. Turn the middle section until its line is on the bottom of Naboris. You can now activate the main terminal. Use the platform to walk up to the main terminal. While facing it, take the steps to your right and follow the path to the right to enter a small room with a terminal. You’ll need to rotate the room (which is the back most section) to activate it. Once done, rotate it again to realign the entrance. Now you can activate the final terminal.

You’re about to face one of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s powerful bosses, so make sure you’re well prepared with food, elixirs, weapons, and arrows. Good luck.

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