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Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Get the Barbarian Armor Set


Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Get the Barbarian Armor Set

Of all the many armor pieces to find in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the barbarian armor set is one of the harder ones to find. Each of the three armor pieces in the set increases Link’s overall attack power, making it one of the strongest sets of gear in the game. And we’re here to tell you just how to find each piece.

All three pieces of the barbarian armor set are found in special shrines located deep in the heart of three labyrinths, each in different regions of Hyrule. The first labyrinth, North Lomei Labyrinth, can be found in the region in the upper left-hand portion of the map and can be accessed by running through the North Tabantha Snowfield. You’ll notice the labyrinth on the map as it is shaped like a diamond. After completing the labyrinth and entering the shrine, you will be rewarded with the Barbarian Helm.

The second labyrinth can be found in the upper right-hand portion of the map, just above of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. As the name suggests, the Lomei Labyrinth Island is smack in the middle of the ocean so it will require some gliding to get to. You’ll need some extra stamina to make it over there, so grab some stamina food or make sure you’ve gotten some upgrades. Upon finishing this labyrinth, you’ll receive the Barbarian Leg Wraps inside the chest in the shrine.

The final labyrinth, South Lomei Labyrinth, can be found on the southern edge of the map in the Gerudo Desert. An easy way to spot it is by looking for the Champion’s Gate on the map as the labyrinth is just east of it. Simply teleport to the Wasteland Tower and glide southeast and you’ll reach it in no time. Completing this will give you the Barbarian armor, the final piece of the Barbarian armor set in Breath of the Wild.

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