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PlayStation 4 Owners Can Now Set Custom Themes


PlayStation 4 Owners Can Now Set Custom Themes

Time to put your gigabytes of screenshots to use.

Breaking away from their usual Tuesday updates, Sony’s 4.5 update for PlayStation 4 went live today. The biggest feature is the ability to set custom themes, a feature that was present on the PlayStation 3. After updating their console, users will be able to use any screenshots they’ve taken as a theme/wallpaper.

There are also ways to upload images through a computer, and then saving it through your PlayStation 4. However, if the thought of that is crippling, /r/PSW is a wonderful resource for images set to the correct dimensions. Here is how you can set your own theme for your PlayStation 4:

  • Go to Home screen
  • Settings
  • Themes
  • Select Theme
  • Select a game you have taken screenshots in
  • Scroll to Custom
  • Select Image
  • Apply

So whether you’ve got a brand new screenshot from Horizon Zero Dawn or a saved image of your favorite sports team, they can all be used as a theme now. Unfortunately, only static images are supported, so if you’re using any dynamic themes with custom music or animations, those won’t transfer over.

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