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Overwatch Director Tells Players to Stop Custom Game XP Exploits

Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan

Overwatch Director Tells Players to Stop Custom Game XP Exploits

Or risk account bans.

Overwatch players using the recently introduced Custom Games feature to farm experience points may face account bans from now on, according to game director Jeff Kaplan.

Custom games and the server browser allowed players to create their own Overwatch games with different rules and modifiers, while still awarding experience for completing games. Some have been using the new features to host long Skirmish games, a time-based Team Deathmatch mode, where players can be inactive and still receive experience.

“It’s very disappointing to us that players abused the system to gain experience while inactive,” Kaplan wrote in a forum post. “As some of you have noticed, Skirmish in Custom Game no longer rewards experience. Also, the AFK timer is now in place in Skirmish mode (in Custom Game only).”

Kaplan warns that those who create, join, or name their custom game room that “in anyway even implies that gaining experience while inactive is OK” will risk having their account banned. The director says more restrictions will be placed on custom games if the behavior continues.

“To fast forward a bit, the end of the escalation plan will result in experience gain being turned off in Custom Game.”

Kaplan ends the post by pleading the community to report players who abuse the feature by using the in-game report option that appears for all custom games.


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