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Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con Disconnecting Issues Could Be a Result of Hardware Problems

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Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con Disconnecting Issues Could Be a Result of Hardware Problems

The Nintendo Switch’s launch has not been without its problems.

The Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers connectivity problems could be due to bad design by the manufacturer.

Released last week, the Nintendo Switch has enjoyed a strong start, selling out across multiple retail stores and selling privately on eBay for stratospheric prices. The launch, however, has not been without its problems, with new owners reporting issues with both hardware and software.

Most notably, a connectivity issue with the JoyCon controller has been of particular frustration. The left Joy-Con controller’s ability to sync with the console seems to be impeded when the device is obscured by a hand or other part of the body.

Youtube channel Spawnwave tweeted and then posted a video in which he took the Joycon controller and discovered the antenna is positioned in an area that causes additional interference. This seems to fall in line with Nintendo’s suggestion that interference could be causing desync problems.

After rearranging the antenna layout, it was discovered that the Joy-Con controller had significantly better range and connection strength.

It was hoped that a day one patch for the Nintendo Switch would fix the issue, but while some owners seem to have confirmed the problem solved, others are still experiencing difficulties.

YouTube channel, Spawnwave claims that he has managed to double the Joy-Con controller range. Spawnwave does not provide a tutorial demonstrating how to fix the issue manually, but the disassembly does show where the connectivity problems may originate.


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