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The 4 Most Hardcore Things We Did in Horizon Zero Dawn


The 4 Most Hardcore Things We Did in Horizon Zero Dawn

It’s all so satisfying and cool!

Climbing Up & Abseiling Down a Tallneck

Horizon Zero Dawn

Tallnecks are quite possibly the most iconic type of machine in Horizon Zero Dawn. The plate-headed giants aren’t just there for show, though, their giant heads contain a ton of information about the world, and as such, are something Aloy will want to override.

Of course, with them being so huge, climbing up them is a bit of a challenge in itself. First, you need to find somewhere that gets you high enough to reach the holds on the bottom of the Tallneck’s neck, then you’ll need to climb up. While climbing in Horizon Zero Dawn is largely automated, there’s something terrifying but also seriously badass about the way Aloy nonchalantly leaps from point to point, shimmying herself around ledges and flinging herself across pretty big gaps when she’s hundreds of feet up in the air.

To top it all off, Aloy rappels herself down from Tallnecks with such effortless grace. With a leap of faith, Aloy momentarily freefalls towards the ground, before letting her line catch her and dropping her gently back on the ground.

Though your actual input in scaling and descending a Tallneck is minimal, admiring the view from the top before hurling yourself back down towards the ground will never stop being incredibly badass, and so damn satisfying.

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