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Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Find the Turian Ark


Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Find the Turian Ark

How to Find the Turian Ark in Mass Effect Andromeda

When you first begin Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’ll notice that your ark, the Human one, is the only one to have made it to the Nexus. When speaking with Andromeda Initiative officials, they’ll mention how the other three – belonging to the Salarians, Asari, and Turians – were lost and feared to be destroyed by the Scourge or, even worse, the Kett. This kicks off the Allies and Relationships mission titled “Missing Arks,” a side quest of sorts where you can pursue the locations of your comrades, if they even survived. You’ll start hearing rumblings about one of the missing Arks, the Turian Ark, after reaching Havarl (which you gain access to not too long after completing Eos). Head there in order to start the first half of finding the lost Turians in a mission titled “Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet.”

While landing on Havarl, SAM will make note of an encampment it spotted and mark it on your map. This is where you’ll find the first survivors of the Turian Ark. Head to the location on your map and you’ll have to take out a bunch of Roekaar (Angarian Outlaws) who are trying to take over the camp. Clear them out then proceed to fight the next wave. Afterwards you’ll be able to talk to the camp’s leader, Avitus Rix. Unfortunately he doesn’t know much about what happened to the Turian Ark since his only memory is clawing himself out of his Cryo Pod which crash landed on Havarl. This concludes Not Dead Yet. However, talk to the other survivors and you’ll get another mission, Turian Salvage.

This mission simply has you tagging debris that came off of the lost ark. It would seem that the Turian Ark is completely destroyed, marking the first major loss in Mass Effect: Andromeda, but don’t give up hope just yet. Complete the salvage mission and continue on in the game. Avitus Rix refuses to accept that the ark is gone and that it’s Pathfinder, Macen Barro (who is implied to be Avitus’ lover), is dead. He’ll contact you later with more info.

Progress through Mass Effect: Andromeda until you gain access to a planet called Elaaden (you won’t gain access until completing Voeld and the Aya Vault). At this point you will be notifed by Avitus of an Anomoly on Elaaden kicking off the final mission for this questline, Turian Ark: Lost But Not Forgotten. Head to the planet’s surface (which is very hot and full of sinkholes) and make your way north to the waypoint. Here you’ll find a bunch of jettisoned Cryo Pods, all containing dead Turians leading Ryder to believe that maybe they’re all dead. It’s time to give the bad news to Avitus using the Vidcon aboard the Tempest.

Before you can even share the news, Avitus informs you that he’s received coordinates through his SAM implant that may lead to the lost ark. He gives you the navpoint and tell you to meet him there. The navpoint did indeed lead to to the Turian Ark, Ark Natanus, but it looks like it was destroyed. Bored the derelict ship and investigate.

You’ll face no enemies on board as all the systems are off. There’s no gravity, no air, and barely any electricity. You’ll find broken info about Macen Barro, but you’ll need to head to the SAM Node on the ark to find out what happened. There’s nothing really in your way while exploring other than some locked doors. Simply use your scanner on the doors and follow the yellow power cables that lead to terminals where you can reroute power to open the doors, that’s all.

When you reach the SAM Node it will inform everyone that the previous Pathfinder died, but directed SAM to make Avitus Rix the Pathfinder. He’s heartbroken, but with some words of encouragement he accepts his new duty and vows to not disappoint his lost companion. He works to save the Cryo Pods that are still functional and move forward with life.

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