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Mass Effect Andromeda: Everything on the Tempest Ship


Mass Effect Andromeda: Everything on the Tempest Ship

Everything on the Tempest in Mass Effect Andromeda

The Tempest is your ship in Mass Effect Andromeda and will effectively be your hub for a lot of things you want/need to do in order to build up your power and better prepare for the threats that lie ahead. There are several stations that you can use and you’ll want to become familiar with them.


You will not have access to this on the Tempest immediately, but it will allow you to communicate to allies (and sometimes enemies) later on in the game over large distances. Essentially it’s a futuristic, space phone that will allow you to take important calls throughout your journey.

R&D Terminal

You’ll use Research Data (RD) you obtain while playing to to do research which will allow you to unlock blueprints and augmentations for use in the field. The points you obtain each apply to one of the different types of technology available in the game such as Milky Way, Helius (Andromeda galaxy) and Remnant technology.

The different Research Categories include Weapons, Armor and Augmentations. You can then develop anything you’ve researched so that you can actually put it to use. This also includes developing upgrades for gear you already have.

Buy/Sell Kiosk

Pretty self-explanatory. You can use these terminals to sell any resources or other items you’ve collected, or you can buy useful items to help you on your mission.

Strike Team Missions

This is where Mass Effect Andromeda’s Multiplayer lives. You can join a game, set one up, or even send a team of AI soldiers out to complete challenges for you in order to earn rewards that can be used in the single-player campaign.

Personal Quarters

This is your bedroom on the Tempest, where you can catch views of the area you happen to be floating in, make love to crew members (if you want of course), and even change your clothes. There’s also a radio for you to adjust the music as well as an email terminal for you to check your… well, emails. From here you can also keep on top of the going-ons with your crew thanks to the InfoBoard terminal.

Med Bay

Every ship needs a place for the sick and injured.

Crew Members

As you explore the world, you’ll meet new characters that can join your crew aboard the Tempest, bringing their wisdom, and sometimes services, to your party. You’ll start off with just some plain ol’ humans when you first boot up Mass Effect Andromeda, but you’ll have plenty more as you journey further into Andromeda.


This is where you head before you get ready to exit the Tempest. You can set your loadout here

That’s everything there is to check out in the Tempest in Mass Effect Andromeda. Make sure to always check these areas out every chance you get while playing as they will become central to your mission. For more on Mass Effect Andromeda, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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