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Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Romance Liam


Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Romance Liam

How to Romance Liam in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Liam is the very first partner you recruit in Mass Effect: Andromeda, although you weren’t left with much of a choice. At the beginning of the game, your shuttle is struck by lightning while approaching Habitat 7, leaving you and him to fend for yourselves. What starts as a circumstantial partnership can blossom into a beautiful relationship thanks to Liam’s caring nature. You can only pursue this if you’re a female, and to romance Liam takes a lot of work.

Liam cares about the crew and the future so he’s always asking for help lifting crew morale and his Loyalty Mission requires establishing outposts – all of them. To lift crew morale he’s going to want help setting up movie night. This starts with getting movie files from the Nexus and obtaining snack preferences from different crew members. It takes a while and will span a lot of the story, but you’ll get it done eventually. You’ll also need to head to all the planets that allow you to set up outposts and do just that in order to really make him happy. Eventually, he’ll send you an email (if you’ve been flirting with him since the beginning) to pursue more than just a working relationship.

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