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Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Get Research Data & What It Does


Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Get Research Data & What It Does

How to Get Research Data in Mass Effect Andromeda

Research Data is an important resource in Mass Effect Andromeda. It’s sort of like a currency, but it’s only used to research and develop new technology for your weapons, armor, and augments. You’ll need to collect the appropriate type of Research Data as well because it comes in three different types: Remnant, Milky Way, and Helius.

In order to get these Research Data points, you’ll need to scan technology and lifeforms that you come across. This will increase your knowledge since you’re out in the wild acquiring… well, research. Different items and creatures will provide varying amounts of points. This will incentivize players to search high and low for new discoveries as they will directly translate to something useful they can actually put to use against the vast unknown that is the Andromeda galaxy.

Once you have enough Research Data, you can take the points back to the Tempest where you can interact with the R&D terminal to develop blueprints and augments or to upgrade gear you already have.

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