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Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Get a Pet for the Tempest


Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Get a Pet for the Tempest

How to Get a Pet for the Tempest in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Space can be a cold and lonely place in Mass Effect: Andromeda, even while you’re surrounded by tons of crew members. Sometimes you need some companionship but not in the human/alien, talk to you way. Sometimes you just want a pet, a little, furry friend that just listens while sitting there looking adorable. You can actually get one in the game, though you’ll have to complete a few steps first.

The first thing you have to do is just play the game. Progress naturally making all of the decisions you want. Every now and then investigate the Tempest, your ship. You’ll want to always scan the cargo area where the Nomad is located. Eventually, you’ll find crumbs on the floor, kicking off a mission titled “The Visitor.” Follow the crumbs to a bunch of crates and you’ll be prompted to craft a trap at the Research Station on your ship. Do so, then place it near the crates and continue to go about your business.

Go complete a side mission or two then return to your ship and check on the trap. You’ll find an alien hamster that I personally think is much cuter than any you’ll locate on Earth. You can choose to research it (meaning you’ll most likely give it to the lab) or keep it as your pet (which leads it to make happy, excited noises – if the subtitles are anything to go by). From that point on, your pet can be found in a glass tank in your personal quarters near your computer and ship model collection. Welcome aboard Mr. Friggles (I may have named the hamster Mr. Friggles).

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