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Mass Effect Andromeda: What Orange Hexagons on HUD Are


Mass Effect Andromeda: What Orange Hexagons on HUD Are

What Orange Hexagons on HUD Are in Mass Effect Andromeda

While exploring the various locales of Mass Effect Andromeda, whether it be the Hyperion, the Tempest, or one of the many planets in the galaxy, you’ll sometimes notice orange Hexagons floating on the edge of your HUD. They’ll appear in the area that points to where you need to head to find what they’re leading to. But what exactly are they for and should you even bother to check them out?

It turns out that they’re waypoints for optional objectives. You don’t necessarily have to complete them, but you’ll often find either a neat reward, an interesting NPC, or something that helps to expand the entire game. You’ll do just fine without them, but it doesn’t hurt to always have a little extra, especially when you’re surrounding by places and beings you’ve never seen before (some of which want nothing more but to kill you).

We personally recommend doing every objective you can, just to get to experience more of what the game has to offer, but it’s ultimately your choice.

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