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Mass Effect Andromeda: What the New Ship Is Called


Mass Effect Andromeda: What the New Ship Is Called

Mass Effect’s Normandies were characters all on their own. The ships not only acted as a way for the iconic crew to get around, but they were also a home away from home for them. In Mass Effect: Andromeda, the iconic mantle has been passed on. You know, a new crew needs a new ship, after all. Even the Normandy got old and needed some upgrades!

This time around, the ship you’ll be flying in is called the Tempest. It’s a very sleek ship with obvious influence from the Normandy, and it comes fully stocked with all the quarters you could possibly want. Enough space for a full crew, too. Not to mention that there’s an AI program named SAM all over, to boot!

  • Armory
  • Bio Lab
  • Bridge
  • Cargo Bay
  • Crew Quarters
  • Engineering
  • Galley
  • Med Bay
  • Meeting Room
  • Pathfinder’s Cabin
  • Research Room
  • Tech Lab

Time will tell if the Tempest will be as memorable as the Normandy, but it certainly has a cool name. That’s for sure. Ryder’s Pathfinder team has a swanky ship to traverse the new galaxy of Andromeda with.

For more help with Mass Effect: Andromeda, be sure to check back to Twinfinite’s wiki for guides and tips!

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