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Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Change Your Loadout


Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Change Your Loadout

How to Change Your Loadout in Mass Effect Andromeda

Your loadout is the gear you’re able to take out into the world. You’re only human, so even with all of your augments you’ll be limited to what you can carry onto each planet’s surface, so setting your loadout is very important as you’ll want to be best equipped for your immediate challenges.

You’ll be able to change your loadout in a few of the hub areas found in the game. On the Tempest you can do this in the Airlock. The area to change your gear looks like a weapons locker and is called a Loadout Station. Simply interact and you can choose what to carry with you. When you first start out, you won’t be able to carry much, but you’ll be able to unlock more slots by upgrading your Combat Fitness skill.

Part of your loadout will require one melee weapon, and you’ll start with the Omni-Blade that you may recognize from previous Mass Effect entries, but you’ll be able to obtain others. The types of guns you’re able to bring are only limited by what you’ve unlocked. If you don’t want to bring a pistol, you don’t have to (unless it’s your only weapon of course). You can choose what type of ammunition to bring along as well.

You can also swap out your armor pieces. You can change the Helmet, Chest, Legs, and Arms, mixing and matching for different buffs and defenses that you may need for your next mission.

When you have your armor and weapons all set, the last part of your loadout is choosing squadmates. You can bring up to two mates with you out of anyone you’ve unlocked. You won’t start with many, so expect to join the same people for a while, but eventually you’ll have a few options. Make sure to balance out your team with different skillsets. If you’re a guns blazing type, perhaps go for a Biotic Commando to supplement your bullet play, and other things like that.

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